A cosmopolitan country between the Baltic Sea and Russia, Latvia is known for its dynamic blend of ancient heritage and vibrant modernity. This Baltic state has long been a regional centre for commerce, as the capital city of Riga was a main trading city in the Hanseatic League. The fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 led to renewed economic prosperity and the renaissance of Latvia tourism. With an abundance of nature, art, architecture and amenities, this northern European country is fast becoming a top destination for business and play.

" Although only 2 million people call Latvia home, it is one of the fastest growing economies in the European Union. Its vibrancy has attracted the attention of global nomads in search of adventure, leisure, sophistication and authenticity.

A natural starting point for exploration is the port city of Riga, especially its Old Town (Vecrīga). The charming medieval quarter – alive with pedestrians, coffeehouses, upscale restaurants and the world’s finest collection of Art Nouveau façades – is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This compact city is rightly nicknamed “The Pearl of the Baltic Sea”.

Wandering a little outside the capital, travellers immediately encounter vast stretches of beach, forests and lush valleys. Lakes, rivers, tributaries and the occasional medieval castle dot the landscape. An especially popular destination is the seaside resort town of Jūrmala, a short drive from Riga. Other things to do in Latvia include ecotourism in Gauja National Park, a stay in the enchanting town of Kuldīga, and shopping for unique local handcrafts in Latgale.

Latvia is called “The Land That Sings”. Visitors are invited to be a part of the country’s numerous song and dance festivals. Every season has its share of choral concerts, operas and folk music celebrations. Summer and winter solstices are extra special occasions throughout this northern country. And accompanying all these events are the traditional foods and beverages Latvians have enjoyed for centuries.

Nature, heritage, art, architecture and genuine hospitality. It’s little wonder so many business and leisure travellers visit Latvia again and again. "

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    The capital of Latvia also calls itself the capital of the Baltic – and rightly so. Riga was one of the major trading cities of the Hanseatic League, a confederation of merchants along a trade route that extended from the Baltic to the North Seas.

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